The Quaker Hero Story of Alan Strain

When he was seven, Alan was surprised when a friendly dog
jumped and bit him (after he’d startled the dog).

(Artist: Grace)

Alan was given shots to cure rabies with the diluted rabies virus.

(Artist: Keith)

Years later when he was stronger, Alan rode his bike all the way
to a meadow, and there he read books about Gandhi.

(Artist: Matt)

Alan rode his bicycle really far and watched hang gliders.

(Artist: Keith)

When World War II started, Alan was a C.O. — a Ghandian Pacifist.

(Artist: Claire)

After the war, it was brave of Alan to take heifers and horses on a ship to Poland.

(Artist: Maggie)

The ship ran into a hurricane and Alan learned that if you pretend
you’re the one pushing the ship up and down, you won’t get seasick.

(Artist: Robby)

Alan gave the horses and heifers to the
people in Poland to help rebuild their farms.

(Artists: Maggie and Andrea)

Alan still gets letters from people in Poland he helped in the war.
[Alan / Letters]

(Artist: Martina)