The Quaker Hero Story of Bill Lovett

Bill stood up for his beliefs, in the Peace Testimony.

(Artist: Katharine)

He was brave not to fight.
[“War is bad!”]

(Artist: Martina)

Instead, Bill helped people in Mexico build buildings
they needed, like medical clinics.
[“Muchas gracias, amigos”]

(Artist: Mark)

Bill was a C.O. in W.W.II and was sent to jail.

(Artist: Robby)

Some people called people who wouldn’t fight names like “yellow,” and some of Bill’s friends fought in the war, but Bill knew he needed to follow his conscience.
[“you coward! You yellow belly!” / “Don’t you love your country? You have to fight for peace!” / “Peace Man! Love not War! You can’t fight for peace.”]

(Artist: Eric)

Bill learned that people in jail are just like other people,
even if they have done bad things.

(Artist: Martina)

Jail didn’t make Bill stop thinking of what was right.
[“The Light”]

(Artist: Kylin)

Bill was very young, but he still wanted to make changes, so in jail he
went on a work strike because the jail segregated blacks and whites.

(Artist: Nora)

Maybe because he was causing trouble in jail about discrimination,
Bill was released early to a work program.
[“Stop bringing people together! Get out and go to work!”]

(Artist: Eric)

Now Bill lives on a farm called Quaker Oaks.

(Artist: Ian)